Tax Relief Programs For Disabled People In Arizona

The first thing to remember when considering Arizona tax relief options is that the IRS only offers tax relief to taxpayers who have suffered some sort of income loss. In other words, if you were laid off from your job and incurred huge medical expenses, you will not be eligible for back taxes, wage garnishments, or child support as many other taxpayers may be able to receive. The IRS states that any taxpayer who has suffered a “disability or death” need not repay taxes in order to receive tax relief.

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Income or disability-based tax relief programs are also available to those taxpayers who need extra assistance paying their taxes. These programs are designed to ensure that individuals with certain disabilities can afford to pay their tax bills. In order to qualify for one of these programs, you must prove that you are not receiving benefits due to your disability. To do this, you must provide a doctor’s note, a letter from a social worker or a representative from the Social Security Administration that states the exact condition you are suffering from. If you are determined eligible for one of these programs, your tax relief will be adjusted to reflect your new adjusted income.

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One of the most popular forms of Arizona tax relief is the ability to take advantage of pre-tax assets. The IRS allows taxpayers to include retirement accounts, 401K plans, IRA funds, and other retirement assets in their taxes when applying for relief. For those with large investments or large savings, using instant tax solutions to lower your taxes can help you to more easily meet your tax obligations each year.