Ocala Child Custody Lawyer

When looking for an Ocala child custody lawyer there are certain things you MUST know and certain things your lawyer MUST do for you! Read on for these very important tips!

1. Follow Your Directions

You-not your lawyer-have to live with the final court orders, so the final decisions must be yours. It’s your lawyer’s job to explain the options and then pursue your wishes.

2. Keep Your Secrets

You cannot be honest with your lawyer if he or she can reveal what you say. That’s why attorney-client privilege prohibits lawyers from sharing your intimate secrets with the world. However, if you mention something over the phone, that privilege is lost.

3. Keep You Up to Date

Your Ocala child custody lawyer must eventually return your phone calls, inform you about any settlement offers, and give you copies of everything that relates to your case.

4. Be Your Advocate

Your lawyer’s job is to represent your best interests. He or she must handle your case quickly and carefully, and must not accept your case if there is a conflict of interest.

5. Charge You Fairly

Finally, your lawyer must clearly explain how you will be charged, and the amount he or she charges must be reasonable.

6. When You’re Unhappy with Your Lawyer

Probably more than in any other area of law, attorney-client relations in family law are influenced by personal chemistry. While you can act as badly as you want, your Ocala child custody lawyer is held to a code of professional conduct.

If the lawyer is the problem-and not you-it is usually because the lawyer is incompetent or unethical.

7. Incompetent Lawyer

If you’re not happy with how your case is being handled, it may be because you hired an incompetent lawyer. A Ocala child custody attorney may be incompetent through lack of skill at being a lawyer, or through lack of knowledge about the area of law. Family law is a quickly changing field, and a lawyer who only practices part-time may not be current.

8. There are good lawyers and there are bad lawyers.

Examples of incompetence include missing filing deadlines, missing settlement meetings or court appearances, failing to keep you informed, and consistently forgetting the facts of your case.

School daze. Impressed with your lawyer’s law school? Don’t be, says attorney Jay G. Foonberg in Finding the Right Lawyer, “Very few law schools flunk out students, so no matter how stupid the student is, or how little the student learns in law school, chances are the student will graduate with a law degree.” On the other hand, class standing is important. “I have found a very high correlation between academic achievement in law school and being a good lawyer. Good class standing is, in my opinion, indicative of excellence.”

If you’re not happy with the outcome of your case, don’t automatically assume your lawyer is incompetent. There are two sides to every case. If you lose, it may not be because you had a bad Ocala child custody lawyer. You may have had a bad child custody case