Hiring a Business Attorney

One of the best things you can do as a fledgling entrepreneur is to hire a business attorney before you need one. While the beginnings of a new company can be a tight time for money, having a lawyer at your disposal will make certain things so much easier. Many common things new companies must do aren’t set up in a way that the average person finds easy to understand. While this is unfortunate, the good news is that there are legal professionals out there who can help. Without hiring a lawyer, you may not even know what you don’t know. Here are three successful tips that can ensure you hire a good one.

Look at Price

Contrary to what you may think, you don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of money to put a good business attorney on retainer. If you choose a lawyer who specializes in helping small companies get off the ground, you will be dealing with people who know the score ahead of time. Small businessmen are not known for having vast amounts of cash reserves on hand. If lawyers didn’t take that into consideration when pricing their retainer fees and services, they would rarely work. Look into what it costs in your area and you may be surprised at how easily you can afford it.

References and Recommendations

You don’t need to hire a business attorney blindly out of the phone book. In fact, you should probably avoid this method of searching. Likewise, don’t be misled by ads, be they on billboards or on television. While there’s nothing wrong with getting some ideas and names from these sources, rely on your own resources to make a decision. Ask around. Know any other entrepreneurs in your area? Talk to them and see who they have used. Take a look at local message boards and put up a flag. You may find what you need more quickly than you expect.

Don’t Discount Personality

When you’re choosing a business lawyer, the most important things to look for come in the area of qualifications and experience. But that doesn’t mean personality is out of the equation. You want someone you can work with. As a matter of fact, you want someone you enjoy working with. This can’t always be determined right off the bat, but you can usually get a good sense of personality from an initial consultation. Trust your instincts. Often, a first impression tells you all you need to know.